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Introduce Students to the World of Entrepreneurship

The BizKid Project is an incremental kid-friendly project-based learning unit designed to supplement teacher instructional activities.

Pathways for young people form early.
The BizKid Project exposes students to the basics of starting a business.

Early exposure aids students in making informed decisions about their future career. The Biz Kid Project is an innovative activity-based resource designed to help shape future career choices and offer business ownership as an option.  During a 4-week program, students will learn by doing.  From deciding on a business idea to designing a logo and one-page website, students will complete the tasks related to starting a business.  Students can experience the program as individuals, or in teams.

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Biz Kid Project-fin-01.png
Biz Kid Project-fin-01.png

Students consider  an entrepreneurial future

Brainstorm and solidify business ideas

Write business and product descriptions

Spark Creativity. Design business creatives

Present their business project to the group

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Ideal for Summer/After-School  and Other Extracurricular Activities 

Students will come up with a business concept, name their business, design a logo, write a short description of their business and design a one-page website. 

Learn 30+ Business Concepts

Concept and map out a business based on their individual, or group interests

BizKid Project Sneak Peek

Take a sneak peak of the first video, What is an Entrepreneur from the 12-video, 4 week program.  Teachers/students can go at their own pace; the program was designed to show 3 videos per week.  The remaining days can be used to complete the assignments.

What is an Entrepreneur?

Learn more about the basics of entrepreneurship.

4 Week Outline

The incremental kid-friendly activity can be extended to 12 weeks


Week 1

Business Concepts and Ideas

Week 2


Week 3

Creative Assets for Business Start-Ups

Week 4

Designing a Company Website

Packages Can be Customized for Your Needs

Access for a semester instructional period.  Includes 14 videos, teacher/para professional discussion starters, individualized student and group activities.


It also comes with a BizKid Kit that includes a student workbook and, Certificates of Completion and a Teacher's Guide.

Expose your students to entrepreneurship.

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